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This is Pam and C. B. Edgar’s family website.

C.B. and Pam in North Carolina

C.B. and Pam in North Carolina


Pam and C. B. have lots of hobbies, and C. B. likes to take pictures. We wanted a place to share our pictures and stories with friends and family, and since most of our family lives far away (east coast, central california, etc), a family website seemed in order.

We have two dogs, Britta and Arwen, and Pam is involved in various dog sports, currently herding, confirmation (dog shows), and obedience. We like to work on our house, and we have completed a complete kitchen remodel and a major landscaping project. C. B. has done lots of smaller remodeling projects with help from Pam and our friends: two bathrooms, his study, a media room, a bedroom, etc.

There are photos and stories about most of the major projects and events, as well as our travels. Don’t miss the Israel 2004 page.

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This site has sections for Britta and Arwen, our projects, our travels, photo albums, and a “blog” that is supposed to have news, but instead has mostly political commentary, technical notes, spiritual musings, and other random thoughts.  Poke around.  Perhaps the photos will be updated more frequently now that they have a dedicated section, and I am trying to just post them, and not edit and comment on them.  Also the blog may or may not be updated more frequently, now that the website infrastructure has again changed.  I think the whole website has an RSS feed, so if you know how to use such things, your RSS reader should be able to keep you up to date.

A note about photo albums.  The photo albums (galleries) are in located in the photos section, and the link takes you to a fairly raw directory listing.  This is useful, since you can see any album published in the section.  Click on a directory to get to the album.

About Pam and C. B. Edgar

Pam and C. B. Edgar live in San Diego, CA with their two dogs, Arwen and Britta. C. B. is an electrical engineer who works at Qualcomm Incorporated. He make platforms (circuit boards) used to test the chips Qualcomm makes for cell phones. Pam is a homemaker, and stays very busy taking care of the dogs and C. B., and helps manage our various projects.

We are both quite active in our church, St. David’s Episcopal Church, located in the Clairemont community of San Diego. Pam is a member of the Order of Saint Luke the Physician, San Diego Chapter. We both are involved with Episcopal Cursillo and Marriage Encounter. I am a student of, and Pam is a graduate of, Logos Ministries, The Bible Plain and Simple. The seven year course taught by Dr. Bill Creasy takes the student verse by verse through the entire bible.

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  1. Please keep in touch. I go to your website often just to see what’s new. Miss you guys!!

    Hugs, Adele (and Selmer and Miles)

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