C. B.'s Parents Come to Visit

In early May 2007, my parents came to California to visit us and other family. My Dad has a sister in the Bay Area and a brother in Sacramento. They started in Vegas, and drove down to see the Hoover Dam. They then drove down the Colorado river valley to Yuma AZ, and across the desert to San Diego.

Pam and my parents went to the San Diego Museum of Art, and then we met back at the house. After a short tour, we went to Andiamo’s Restaurant for a nice dinner.

I like to do projects around the house and so do my parents. So on Saturday and Monday, this is what we did. Decorating projects can sometimes be contentious, so we steered away from those, and focused on organizing the shed and the garage. What a difference! I guess I need to put up some pictures. We now have all the shed stuff in the shed and out of the garage workshop. We also pitched some stuff, so the workshop has a bunch more room.

Saturday night, we visited my friend’s Sherman, Stacey, and their son Skylar. We got a tour of the shed that Sherman, Stacey, Pam, and I built. We walked up to Outback for dinner. On Sunday, we went to church, did some shopping, and made a nice dinner at home (for Mother’s Day). We had my good friend Mercedes join us for dinner.

It was really nice having my parent come to visit. Sometimes the discussions can get intense, but after a deep breath and a short time out, we come back together. It is important to visit once in a while, and I appreciate them taking the time to come all this way.