Thanksgiving at the Edgars


Pam and I are spending Thanksgiving with the Sacramento Edgars. We are staying with my cousin Larry and his family. Last night we had Aunt Judy, Uncle Bill, Aunt Karen, and cousin Debbie over, in addition to Stacey’s parents, and Karen’s mom. It was a houseful.

Everybody helped with dinner. In addition to turkey, we had cheesy mashed potatoes, squash casserole, green bean casserole, dressing, gravy (Debbie’s gravy was really good!), cranberry sauce, and some jello-marshmellow salad thing. It was all really good. My nephew Nicholas (5) had a whole drumstick. His sister (7mo) even chewed on it a little. Don’t tell CPS.

The big project was taking pictures for the Edgar and Associates website. The website is simple, elegant and very professional. The pictures needed to look like professional portraits, with proper lighting, a plain background, and no shadows. Really the lighting, the photos, and the edit/ retouch took most of the day. So here are the results.

(Larry wants Uncle C. B. (Dad) to notice that the men are wearing jacket and tie.)

We also took a great family shot that was a lot more casual:

Have a great Thanksgiving.