What’s going on?

It’s been a while since my last post or update, so what’s up?

Well, Pam and I have been settling in, working on the house, spending time with family, and thinking about what’s next. There is a lot to do just on the house and property, and sometimes it seems overwhelming. And everything is so different in upstate New York than it was in San Diego.

Lots of little chores:

  • Register, inspect, and maintain the cars, boats and trailers; oh and get a NY license
  • Winterize the lake house, the garage, etc
  • Mow about 4 acres, at least weekly, until October
  • Install invisible fence and train the dogs to use it
  • Decorate for Christmas; undecorate for Christmas
  • Get doctors for humans and vets for dogs — and specialists
  • Organize the barn and the garage
  • Install new lights in kitchen — fix lights and dimmers elsewhere

All checked off!
And then there are the bigger projects:

  • Install new sub-panel and 220v for tablesaw in the garage
  • Select and buy furniture, carpet, and lighting for Lake-Room/Dining-Room
  • Design Fire-Place-Room/Sitting-Room: furniture, fireplace, carpet, cabinetry
  • Design and organize master bedroom closet
  • Design and organize upstairs library guest room
  • Re-design and build laundry-room/dog-wash

Not so checked off.
And then there are the really big projects:

  • Design year round woodworking shop for pleasure and or business
  • Design pet rehabilitation building for possible business opportunity
  • Consider possible future additions to house and draft a master plan
  • Design and renovate main lot landscape plan

The one I have been most focused on is the year round wood working shop.  I am hoping to complete plans soon, pull permits, and break ground in the spring.  But the master plan is less than perfect, and the landscape plan is pretty much non-existent, so we are moving forward with a pretty rough map.

One of the most exciting developments is with Church.  We found a church home: St. Peter’s Geneva, and we are really happy there.  And we are starting a OSL class, and perhaps a chapter.  OSL, or Order of St. Luke is a healing ministry that Pam and I are a part of.  We pray for people, and God heals them.  Usually.  It is very rewarding.  St. Peter’s is very excited about this ministry, so Pam and I are teaching a class starting next week.  We have 14 people signed up.  The class will meet weekly until the end of May.

Pam and I are also doing interesting things with the dogs, dog training, and the local “Canine Campus” Boomtown.  Pam is actually teaching there and getting paid for it.  I am just taking classes (and paying them 🙂 ).

So that’s what’s up.  Hopefully with more regular updates, they can be shorter.  Thanks for reading.
C. B. and Pam