Trip Weblog is Started

As we journeyed, of course Pam and I took lots of pictures. It will take a while to put them all up. Of course, I like to put stories with the pictures, so that takes even longer. But now the first pictures are up! Just the first couple of days, but it is a start. Please take a look. Enjoy.

Got some new ones now! Almost out of California. Wait till you see the north-west! Be patient.

Our 2011 Cross-USA Trip Weblog

From San Diego to Seneca Falls — A Three Week Adventure!

During the last three weeks of July, Pam and I are traveling across the United States in a rather circuitous route. We are exploring the Pacific Coast and the northern wilderness.

We take US-1 to US-2 from San Diego to Seneca Falls. Actually, it is really US-101/CA-1 and later just US-101. And we make some detours to keep close to the coast on two lane highways whenever possible. And we detour south off US-2 when we hit Glacier National Park, so we can explore Yellowstone, the Black Hills, and the Badlands. We head back north again when we hit the Missouri River and pick up US-2 in Minot (if it is not under water still). After Duluth, we veer north of 2 so as to follow the southern border of Lake Superior, and enter Canada in Sault Ste Marie. We follow the northern border of Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay through Canada, head down past Toronto, through Niagra, and finally head straight for our new home in Seneca Falls.

I plotted our route on AAA triptiks, but unfortunately, they do not share very well. I also plotted it roughly on google, but lost it somehow. Well, when I find it or reproduce it, I will let you know.

Here is our summary itinerary.