London, Stratford, and Coventry

We had three days in London. I was not really looking forward to London, as I figured that it was just another big city. Also, we had a lot of free time in London, so no guide to show us around. We were pleasantly surprised. There were tons of great things to do in London, and we had a lot of fun. We toured Westminster Cathedral, the British Museum, and the Tower of London. We saw an show. Actually, we saw a show with my brother, who was also in Britain on vacation with his wife. We wandered around Kensington Park, saw the marble arch, and we tried to go for a horse ride. The horses were too small to carry C. B. — can you believe that! Anyway, we saw the changing of the guard and Buckingham Palace, and we actually had some rest time too. It was actually a very interesting and fun part of the trip. The only down side of London was the hotel. It was definitely the worst hotel of the trip, but it really wasn’t that bad, and it location was pretty good. I saw Tim’s hotel, and I don’t think it was any better.


On the way to Stratford on Avon, where we planned to spend the night and see a play, we spent the morning in the Cotswolds and the afternoon at Warwick Castle. The Cotswolds were beautiful. We took pictures and Pam bought some paintings for her office.


Warwick Castle was interesting because it was one of the first English (as opposed to Scottish or Welsh) castles we had toured. Also, Pam’s mother’s maiden name is Warwick, and so we were really looking forward to exploring a little of her family history. The castle was fun, but a bit touristy.

Stratford on Avon is of course the home town of Shakespeare. We had a really wonderful dinner in the lovely hotel. The town is beautiful, and we walked to the theater to see Macbeth. We did not have tickets, but there were cancelations, and we had great seats. The play was wonderful. A little loud, but a outstanding performance. In the morning we toured the museum and gardens and walked around town.

The highlight of our last day was Coventry Cathedral. Coventry was famously bombed during World War II. And the cathedral was destroyed, but a new cathedral was built that is spiritual and a real work of art. It felt more alive than most of the churches and cathedrals that I had toured in our two weeks exploring Britain. I took some very interesting photos, but they do not do the cathedral justice.

So that is the story of our trip to Britain. It took me a while to get out, but hopefully you enjoyed it. More pictures soon, I hope.