Pam and C. B.'s New Website


So I have been working for about a month on a complete make-over of our website. I think we are ready to go live. First off, you will notice a new look. I am not sure I love the look, but it is consistent and not objectionable. Also the new look is based on style sheets and Rapid Weaver templates, so I think I can cleanly update the look when I am ready.

You will also notice new organization. The main page is now this new blog. I am guessing the folks who come here want to know what is new. If they want to browse, fine, but all the recent interesting bits should be introduced here, in this news page.

On this page, you can make comments. The commenting tool is free, so you have to put up with some adds, but you can comment to me and each other, and that should be fun. Like an email conversation that anyone can join. Be sure to click on comments to make or see comments.

As part of the new organization, there is a side bar on the right that lets you move around. See About for details.


There is also a lot of new content. This page is new. About is new. There is a new Main Menu page. Britta’s page is new, but don’t get too excited as it is more a placeholder than much else. Israel 2004 has been reorganized, and the pictures are bigger. It has some fun effects, and hopefully, it is easier to get around.

Kitchen 2004 has been updated and completed. The project is now described start to finish, and pictures of the final results have been added. Landscape 2006 has been updated with photos of the final results. I did not get to add the construction photos of the pergola that I wanted to, nor did I add any stories to the pictures of the final landscape, but at least you can see what the yard looks like now. And of course you can see the completed patio and pergola.


Baby Sitting 2004 and Zoo 2007 are still here, but they have been moved to Local Events. A new External Link page has been added. It has link to websites that I find interesting and that I think you may find interesting too. If you have a page, especially a home page, that you want me to link to, please let me know, in comments or email, and I will add it.

Well I hope you enjoy it. Please send me an email or make a comment if you like the new site. Of course websites are always under development, so please let me know if there is something you want me to change. Thanks for visiting!