Orion’s Shining Star Rigel

Last night we brought home our new puppy Rigel.  Like her namesake, she is a Belgian Tervuren.  We had just started looking seriously in September, but there are wait lists, and finding a good breeder, and waiting for a litter, etc.  We did not really expect to be able to bring home a puppy until at least Christmas.

Well, ready or not, she is here now.  There are some pictures from the first 24 hours on my Facebook page.  You don’t have to be a member or anything.  Just go to http://www.facebook.com/cbedgar.

Here in New York

We have been in New York for almost 3 weeks, and we have been in our new house since August 1. And we are still unpacking, and we are still organizing. And we have a lot to do. But we have gotten a lot done.

The kitchen is pretty much unpacked, as is the TV room, my study, the master bedroom, the laundry room, and the dining room. We have been making meals since the end of the first week. We have internet and a printer. We have a TV and media center, but we are waiting for cable. For now we can only watch shows we recorded in San Diego or download from the internet. The laundry room is functional, but the old washer, that we got with the house, is starting to leave rust spots. We ordered a new washer and dryer yesterday.

We have spent some time outside. I mowed the lawn once. I have tooled around in the mule. Mostly I have walked the trails with the dogs on the back four acres. It is wet in the morning. I have to seal my boots better. We have a nice deck, and we often eat lunch out there.

We have spent some time on the lake. We swim the dogs in the lake about every other day. They love to swim. We have taken the boat out three or four times. Last night, the dogs came with us in the boat for the first time. Arwen says that boats are very windy. Pam took one of the kayaks our for the first time last night too. Britta followed her quite a ways down the lake.

We have had lots of adventures and mishaps. First time out in the lawn mower, I got it stuck and had to tow it out of the ditch with the mule. I ran the battery down on the boat trying to figure out how to start it the first time. We still have not yet figured out how to turn on the water in the lake house. Arwen has chased critters through the thickets several times, and getting the burrs out of her long coat is a job.

We have found a good Wegmans in Geneva, as well as a Lowes, a Walmart, and a Tactor Supply Co. We have a couple choices for gas, both about 10 minutes away. There is a great ice cream and mini-golf place in Canoga (10 minutes), but it closes at the end of August. I have a barber in Seneca Falls, and we have found a good pub and a good coffee shop there too.

Well, there are still a lot of boxes and and lot of stuff all over the place, so I better get back to it. We have a friend stopping by later today, and I want things to be at least a little neater.

Trip Weblog is Started

As we journeyed, of course Pam and I took lots of pictures. It will take a while to put them all up. Of course, I like to put stories with the pictures, so that takes even longer. But now the first pictures are up! Just the first couple of days, but it is a start. Please take a look. Enjoy.

Got some new ones now! Almost out of California. Wait till you see the north-west! Be patient.

Our 2011 Cross-USA Trip Weblog