Going Live with WordPress Based Website

O.K., I am finally ready to cut over to WordPress.  I have loaded much of the old content into WordPress, and what I didn’t load, I linked to.  I am going to leave most of the old site in tack, but change the main index to redirect to the WordPress area, i.e. http://cbedgar.com/wp/.

I have added a new photo section.  It will contain photo albums published from Apple Aperture.  Each will be a little website.  The index or table of contents is intentionally rough, so I can just publish a new photo album, and users will see it right away on http://cbedgar.com/photos/.  If I can figure out how to automatically generate a more user friendly index, I will.  But for now, a directory listing will have to do.

Health Care Reform — A Letter to Congress

As your constituent, I would like to re-iterate my strong support for immediate health care reform. This is a critical issue that will touch everyone in America, every business. It is too important an opportunity to let pass. Reform needs to be now.

I support the president’s health care proposals. I support a public option. I especially support health care reform that ensures or mandates universal coverage. In my opinion, universal coverage is the most important element in health care reform.

Please put all your efforts into passing comprehensive health care reform this year. This is absolutely critical to our national interest.